Anthology Ideas for Pride & Prejudice

What are some fun one-shots or novella ideas for Pride & Prejudice variations that can be made into an anthology of JAFF?

Hey everyone! I’m looking for ideas for a P&P anthology!

As you know, I’m working on a non-JAFF regency romance series. BUT I keep having fun ideas for short P&P ‘what-ifs’ as one-shots.

I think it’d be fun to get a collection of them and put them into an anthology of sorts (all the short stories together in one book).

So what are some fun (or serious) Pride & Prejudice what-ifs that you’ve been dying to explore? What would you love to see a short-story written about? I’ve got my own thoughts, but I’d love to hear YOURS!

Just drop them in comments!

Things like – “What if Lydia married Mr. Collins?” Or “What if Bingley fell in love with Mary?” Stories that would be fun (or even ludicrous) to explore as a one-shot or even novella, but aren’t quite material for an entire book. (These could also be a bit more serious if desired).

Just let me know what you want! They can be from ANY genre – a mystery, a love story, a farce. đŸ™‚ The sky’s the limit!


  1. What if Mrs Bennet was the serious one and Mr Bennet the flighty, nervous matchmaker.
    What if the Gardiners were the ones who introduced Lizzy and Darcy and helped the romance along.

  2. What if Bingley never came back to Jane and Mrs Bennet realized it was her fluttering which drove away men.

    What if Mrs B was made aware of the truth of Lydia’s marriage.

  3. It’s difficult to deal stories that involved either Elizabeth Bennet or Mr. Darcy being married before they met. While it’s great to read variations that have Elizabeth fall in love with Mr. Darcy early in the story while pretending not be affected by him due to Pride, prejudice or the fear of rejection. While I particularly love a more affectionate and expressive Mr. Darcy, who struggles with his feelings for Elizabeth while making a complete ninny of himself, or when he grovels at Elizabeth’s feet when he insults her many times over before realizing how hopelessly in love he is with her.

  4. I like P&P fantasy variations. What if Lydia is the one with a “gift”(smelling the lies, for instance, and I do mean smelling)?! As Mrs Bennet’s favourite daughter, she would be listened and she would be in a position to guide her elder sisters.

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