The hardest scenes to write

Author Tiffany Thomas shares which scenes are the hardest and most difficult for her to write when she writes Pride & Prejudice variations.

I love writing Pride & Prejudice variations.

I especially love thinking up the back story and building good character development.

I’ve done that with my latest work, “When Summer Never Came,” which people can read along as I write for free on

But once I get to this point, I slow down and get a little stuck.

You see, I’ve built up so much to the climax and resolution, that I worry I’m going to let readers down.

Writing scenes of witty dialogue and love and between Elizabeth and Darcy is the hardest part for me to write.

I worry the dialogue will fall flat or seem stilted.

I worry people won’t walk away feeling fulfilled.

Angst is easy for me to write, and in real life, I’m really good at resolution and problem solving.

But writing romantic scenes between my characters?

Those are the most difficult scenes for me to write.

So wish me luck as I approach the last 1/4 to 1/3 of this novel.

I’m a pantser – I don’t have an outline.

I have a few ideas on the direction I want to go, but what if it’s too much angst? Or not enough?

What if everyone decides to hate Elizabeth for being wishy-washy? Or Darcy because he was a jerk and I don’t do a good job explaining him the way I see him?

I’ll get there.

But this is when my writing slows down the most.


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