My favorite books in 2023

Author Tiffany Thomas lists her favorite books that she read in 2023, along with her children’s favorite books of the year (ages 10, 7, & 3).

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2023? I honestly didn’t even realize it until a few weeks ago when Shepherd emailed to ask what my favorite books were this year.

Who’s Shepherd, you ask?

Shepherd is actually a website that’s being designed as an alternative to Goodreads – hallelujah!

While Goodreads offers a lot of good things (yes, that pun was intended), it’s kind of turned into a bit of a toxic place for authors. And it’s owned by Amazon, which makes it feel just a bit… icky in terms of marketing and being out for what it can get with regards to ads and money.

Shepherd does it differently. You really should read Ben Fox’s story – he’s the creator of Shepherd.

Anyway, he emailed to ask me what my three favorite books were this last year, and what my kids enjoyed reading as well. Man, that was a tough choice – I read WAY too many to narrow it down. And believe it or not, not ALL of them are Jane Austen variations (as you can see by the header image).

Almost 1,000 authors have responded with their lists, including myself.

So go check them out, and then PLEASE share about Shepherd on social media! Because the little guy definitely deserves being promoted above big corporations.

Oh, and any You’ve Got Mail fans will appreciate the irony of someone with Ben’s last name fighting against The Man.