JAFF Audiobooks Holidays Giveaway!

Jane Austen variations (Pride & Prejudice fanfiction) audiobooks trivia game giveaway for the holidays in the first 12 days of December.

Play a trivia game over the first 12 days of December all about Jane Austen and her fabulous wit! You can win any of dozens of audiobooks of your favorite Jane Austen variations.

Let’s celebrate Jane Austen’s snark & sass this holiday season!  Stop by and guess who’s been censured, slighted, and got the cut direct for a chance to win. Only in the Jane Austen Fan Club group.

What: Austen’s Insults Trivia

When: December 1-12

Where: Jane Austen Fan Club Facebook Group

How to Play: We’ll post a new trivia question every day – just answer it and share your opinions!

The trivia is exclusive to Jane Austen’s own original books & letters, but JAFF audiobook authors & narrators will be there handing out prizes and asking a few VERY impertinent questions.  😉